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Vocabulaire panlatin de sémiologie psychiatrique: les phobies

English for Cosmetics

Prezentare Rapidă

Anișoara Pop

Editura University Press, 2022
ISBN 978-973-169-751-2

Disponibilitate: În Stoc

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“English for Cosmetics”, a second edition, revised and improved of the course-book with the same title,intends to meet the extremely specific purpose of communicating in English, primarily for undergraduate students in Medical Cosmetics but also for practitioners in the field. Its main objective is to familiarize learners with the basic vocabulary while forming main language functions and consolidating basic communicative abilities and linguistic skillstowardsaB2 level of competence.
The language functions for cosmetic communication identified through needs analysis pertain to: advising clients, reading product information, explaining cosmetic procedures, informing clients on treatment management, examining and advising clients, recommending alternatives, involving clients in decision making referring to cosmetic treatments, advertising products and explaining cosmetic ingredients, communicating at international fairs. Units,topicsand activitieswere accordingly designed to encompassthese basic communicative needs.
Original texts have been adapted so as not to infringe copyrighted content. Their sole purpose is to function as basis for the formation of the communicative competence of users rather than to teach content andspecific knowledge.
Although all four basic skills were included, priority was given to the speaking (productive) and reading skill (receptive) as major patterns of communication in the field of medical cosmetics.We hope that this book will represent a useful toolin mastering English communication for students in medical cosmetics and practitioners alike.
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